What are your opinions on the canned meat product ‘Spam’?
Probably not much apart from a general like or dislike I imagine, but there is no denying how solidly the product features in British history.

BBC News has recently reported on the fact that the tinned meat is actually very popular within South Korea, having even become a “staple of South Korean life”!

The pre-cooked pork meat actually originated from the USA, but during the Second World War, its popularity began to manifest throughout the world. Spam has since then presented a solid food stuff in the UK, with many Brits slicing and deep-frying the very salty meat to make Spam fritters among other dishes.

Anyone familiar with the comedy sketches by ‘Monty Python’ will probably laugh to themselves every time the brand is mentioned. The comedians made the meat out to be something that everyone has with every meal. Therefore, no one would blame you for associating it with British working-class grub.

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However, many in South Korea see the meat as a very high-end and up-market food. The BBC News report mentions how many special and expensive Spam gift sets are being given to loved ones during the Chuseok holiday season!

Take a look at the original report here!

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Did you know that the tinned meat had such a widespread popularity?

[Source: BBC News Website].


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