A few days ago you may have read our post on 2NE1 being appointed official ambassadors and exclusive guest performers for Korea Brand and Entertainment Expo 2013. Now Blackjacks will be able to officially reserve tickets to their performance and hologram concert at the KBEE. How? Keep on reading.

Just a little information for your reference – two parts of the expo will require email confirmation because of limited seating and popularity. These are Congratulatory Ceremony and the Hologram concert.

The Hologram Concert is to be held on the Monday (4th), both holograms of 2NE1 and PSY concerts will be shown, and 2NE1’s Congratulatory Ceremony performance is to be on the 5th. Ticket holders are required to be present from 9:30AM to 1:30PM for the whole programme. Alongside 2NE1’s performance, there will be a fashion show and performance of Kong Myung and more.

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Tickets are FREE and it is very likely they will disappear in a matter of minutes if you are not quick enough. In order to acquire access to the ceremonies and performances you’ll have to register on KBEE‘s website.

The online registration will be open at 9AM on 14th October. Repeated reservations are not allowed as KBEE‘s website will pick up on this, so make sure you get it right the first time! You can also only register one person at a time, due to the limited tickets.

2NE1 - 2012 2NE1 Global Tour Live [New Evolution in Seoul] (2DVD + Poster in Tube) (Korea Version)


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