B.A.P‘s recent photobook Recording Take 3 is my first ever Kpop photobook purchase and it gave me lots of surprises. Here’s a quick review along with a few photos of random pages.

First thing I want to point out is that I didn’t check the dimensions of the photobook, assuming it was just a hardback A4/A5 book with glossy pages. When I received the parcel in the post one morning I did not expect the size to be huge. It was roughly A3 size and almost designed like a gigantic poster book where you could tear the pages out.

If you don’t want to do that you could just grip the photobook tightly without letting the pages fall as you take a look at the photos, treating it like any normal book. Because of its size it also might feel heavy if you have small hands and have been holding the book for more than five minutes. If you’re expecting glossy pages then you won’t find it with Recording Take 3. Think of the pages like a scrap book with pages of smelly, recycled paper. You won’t smudge your fingers unless they’re really sweaty or sticky.

The photobook has six chapters that cover album photo shoots and music video footage for No Mercy, Stop It, Rain Sound and One Shot. Truthfully you won’t exactly notice when the chapters start and end because it’s very likely you will be busy flicking through the pages and gazing at the photos. Chapter 1 provides a mighty welcome to the reader. Starting off with a cool One Shot group photo followed by single pics of each member, along with their names, date of birth and their roles in the band.

“Welcome B.A.P”


Yongguk and Himchan info page


Daehyun in No Mercy video shoot


Waiting Room chapter


Youngjae in Rain Sound


I love the scribbles on the photos as well. The doodles in the One shot chapter, for example, provide a humorous touch to what is meant to be a serious video. For example there’s a small photo of Jongup getting ready in the One Shot chapter and while the stylist is doing his front fringe, a crown is drawn on the corner of his head so it almost makes him look like a royal prince. Quite cute really. There’s even a page to set the storyline for One Shot with a double page photo of B.A.P, like it’s a gritty poster for a film along with a punchy sentence – B.A.P struggles to rescue Youngjae. Which path will he choose? Will his decision change their destiny?

Do I spot a Union Jack band underneath the hat, Jongup?


Himchan in No Mercy video shoot


Besides the light-hearted doodling and handwritten Hangul on some pages you will find meaningful quotes from the band members like Himchan in the Rain Sound chapter saying “I wish I could go back to the time when I was young and happy to be in the rain.” or in the first chapter Yongguk says “Do what you like and luv what you do.” The quotes generally read like quick life lessons for the fans or perhaps a self-reflection of the band’s lives from past and present. You might find what some of the members say will resonate with you.

Zelo with Boy London fondness in No Mercy


Overall thoughts

When I first flipped through the pages of this photobook I was mesmerized by the beauty and all round gorgeous colours all around and the A3 size really makes the images pop out. Sure the paper smell might put you off to begin with and the huge size could possibly provide a problem with storing the book safely but don’t let that stop you going through the eyecandy happily. I actually find the smell tends to lessen after a few months when I go back to reading it after a long absence. For my first Kpop photobook, Recording Take 3 was worth the money and I highly recommend it to any Baby if they want to add it to their current Recording photobook collection.

I think it’s rather touching when the creative team take into consideration that the readers may be international, thus provide a lot of quotes in English and not just Korean. This specific photobook means a lot to me because I got into B.A.P through the One-Shot mini album and worked my way through the rest of their discography afterwards, continuously blowing my mind through their powerful tracks and soothing ballads. So to see a lot of One Shot scenery in this photobook does somehow feed my B.A.P fangirl tendencies immediately because of that dramatic MV.


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