In advance of Infinite’s London concert, we’ve been given the great opportunity to collect some questions from you guys, and have Infinite themselves answer them. If that’s piqued your interest, then keep on reading for more info!

To submit your questions to Infinite, all you’ve got to do is comment below. That’s it.

Although…we would appreciate it if you perhaps took a gander at our Facebook and Twitter pages, but commenting with what you’d like to ask the boys is all that’s required of you. So ask away! We’ll be selecting the top 10 questions submitted.

Be sure to include your name too, so Infinite know who’s asking the question. However, if many people submit the same awesome question, we won’t be able to list you all, so be creative with your questions!

The deadline is this Thursday at 7PM so you have 48 hours to get your brain cogs turning to submit some epic questions. But please note that all questions must be submitted via the comments section on this article to count.

So what are you waiting for? Good luck everyone 🙂

UPDATE: We’re currently waiting to see if Infinite can still spare a moment in their busy schedules for your questions! We’ll let you all know soon.


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