And Super Junior has done it again! The Independent released an article today featuring none other than Super Junior’s Super Show 5 in London, and while this isn’t the first time Super Junior or a K-Pop artist in the UK has reached the London news, this is sure to increase the ever growing hype surrounding both the upcoming concert only tomorrow and possible means for future ones too.

The article entitled ”South Korea’s One Direction: Super Junior’s Wembley gig shows K-Pop is on the rise”  describes Super Junior’s upcoming visit and talk at Oxford University on Sunday 10th November, as well as the group’s history and background of how they became who they are- Super Junior. Be sure to check out the article and let us know what you think in the comments!

Super Junior is set to perform their Super Show 5 in London in Wembley Arena on Saturday 9th November with doors set to open at 6:30pm. Super Junior have recently been quite busy with their schedules this week having just finished concluding their Super Show 5 in Mexico on Wednesday 7th November, most likely arriving in London in the next couple of hours for the first ever Super Show performed in the UK, before travelling on a long flight back to Korea to prepare for their next concerts the following week held in Osaka, Japan on the 15th and 16th November.

With that said, although many fans were anticipating the return of Heechul to perform in Super Show 5, it has unfortunately been confirmed Heechul, due to unfortunate unchangeable broadcasting arrangements as well as Zhoumi due to problems with his visa, will not be attending the concert in London. We can however only hope they will see the support fans have prepared for them in the many fan projects tomorrow.

So ELFs, have you got your tickets ready and fully prepared for the concert tomorrow?

Are you excited for Super Junior’s first concert in London just less than 24 hours away?

Let us know in the comments, and remember to enjoy the concert!



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