One thing that can be said about the K-Pop genre is that you are never short of merchandise to buy. I will be honest; sometimes I think it can be a bit of overkill – emblazon anything with a K-Pop idol and there will always be a fan to buy it. This is exactly what I thought initially when my sister bought the B.A.P Seasons Greetings 2014 package, however, my feelings soon began to change after I saw it.

A hefty, flat package was delivered to the house and as it was ripped open, an only slightly smaller black box with a lime green matoki logo was revealed. Upon further inspection, I could see that the box is made of a sturdy and thick card.

B.A.P, 2014, Merchandise


The package included a diary/scheduler, a desk calendar, 6 postcards, a large wall poster and 6 stickers.

The theme of the entire package is ’24 hours with B.A.P’ where we can see the members at different stages throughout the day – sleeping, shaving, having breakfast, chilling out, having fun. All the photos are of a very high quality and give off a very relaxed and laid back vibe.

B.A.P, Yong Guk, YongJae, Daehyun

The hardback diary will see you through 2014 with square dated spaces for you to write your plans in, a place for notes etc. much like any other diary. Images of the boys are also intermittently placed throughout the book and provide a nice break between the months. I imagine it would be nice to shuffle through your diary in a stress-filled haze, to then be greeted with a pretty image of a B.A.P member to make you feel better.

The desk calendar is quite large, each month features an image of a B.A.P member throughout the day on one side and calendar space on the other. This gives you the option of facing either side towards you, dependant on what you would rather see. (Careful not to let the image side distract you from important dates though! :P)

B.A.P, Merchandise, 2014, Seasons Greetings


The 6 postcards – one of each member – feature a respective printed signature on the reverse. This is a nice touch, but might limit what you do with them as you may not want to obscure one side in favour of another.

The wall poster (strangely, with a calendar at the bottom too!) is a significant size and the stickers are, again, high quality images that are small enough to stick anywhere, yet big enough to draw attention.

B.A.P, Himchan, Jongup, Zelo, Merchandise, 2014


Overall, this is a very decent product that would be ideal for any K-Pop fan that has a particular favourite group. The presentation of every piece, separately and together is beautiful and it would make a very good gift for anyone. The entire package costs around £25 or so though, which is not bad for all that you get, but you might want to ensure that it goes to someone who is a really big fan.

Of course, it is nearing the end of the year now and you may feel that it is too late to grab one of these for yourself, however, I would argue that they are still very much worth it if you want to get organised and flaunt your K-Pop love at the same time. Many idol groups have versions of these packages and, if you don’t get one now, one of these may be worth a purchase next year instead!

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