Not quite a lipstick. Not quite a lip gloss. The ‘Kiss The Colour Tint Stick’ comes in three different colours and with SPF13 – just one reason of justification upon purchase (…safety first). I opted for the middle shade, supposedly a mid-pinkish colour but the actual shade is redder than the packaging makes out.
The packaging was a more arty design than on any other lip products I had owned in the past and, aesthetically, it works pretty nicely. It isn’t too clunky and big that you can’t slip it in your pocket, nor so small that it would be easily lost in your bag. The bright, popping colour looks chic against the white and black theme. There isn’t much of a scent, but if we turn that on its head, at least there’s no chemical sort of whiff.
The tint itself is actually rather pleasing – I’m always wary that the quality of a product won’t be up to standard when the packaging is so appealing. It comes with a glossy shine (nothing too prominent) that appears to hold its ground for quite a while. I did find myself having to re-apply once in the middle of the day, but I’d already been wearing the product for around six hours by then. The colour faded a little but it didn’t wear away completely. The application is smooth and not sticky or gloopy like an actual gloss.
I can’t say I’m blown away with this product but it does what it says it will and looks pretty while doing so! It’s nothing special, and I’m not sure if I’ll purchase it again, but I wouldn’t say I feel like I’ve wasted money. Having said that, I’d be interested to try the two other shades at some point.

Best bit: Great colour and packaging.
Worst bit: Fading.


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