It’s the holidays and we’ve devised a quick quiz to have some fun with! How big a K-pop fan are you?

1.)    Your K-pop merchandise collection consists of…

a)      A long playlist of songs on your iPod.

b)      A handful of albums and the above.

c)       A plastering of posters and concert merchandise and the above.


2.)    Your favourite group’s new MV is scheduled to be released in the early hours of the morning GMT. Do you…

a)      Wait until you wake up that day and watch the video first thing?

b)      Set an alarm to wake you up a few minutes before the release?

c)       Prepare for an all-nighter with snacks and coffee to make sure you absolutely will not miss that video release?


3.)    A group releases a song with a really catchy chorus that you just can’t forget about. Do you…

a)      Settle for humming or whistling the tune?

b)      Try to follow the words and sort of fill in the blanks with a combination of mumbling and guessing?

c)       Look up the words right away and commit them to memory?


4.)    Your favourite group announces a visit to the UK! You plan to…

a)      Maybe buy tickets to their concert, if you can afford it.

b)      Hopefully buy tickets and travel down in advance to queue outside.

c)       Beg and borrow enough money in order to buy the best tickets as soon as they go on sale and prepare fanboards and gifts to give to the group as you greet the members at the airport.


5.)    You find a new group that you really like and you think their latest song is amazing! Do you…

a)      Replay it a couple of times and download it ASAP!

b)      Make sure all your K-pop friends know about it and share it via Twitter/Facebook/etc!

c)       Replay the song and video until you are word perfect and have all the dance moves down!


6.)    You notice that your favourite idol group’s fashion really appeals to you. You decide to…

a)      Try and find similar accessories or wear similar colour schemes. You might even copy their makeup style.

b)      Customise clothes you already own and copy the style as best as you can. You might dare to dye or cut your hair!

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c)       Look up clothing copies online and even buy the exact same items as the group. You study their style from music videos to airport fashion and combine it to find your new look!


7.)    You would describe yourself as…

a)      Being dedicated to a handful of groups. They’re your favourites and you don’t really have the time or energy to spend on any others.

b)      Mostly spending time on your favourite groups but you like to listen to new things every now and then.

c)       Having lots of favourite groups; you can’t stop finding new ones! You do have favourite groups but you love listening to lots of different groups and you like to stay in the know with new rookie groups, even if it’s just a quick listen.


8.) When it comes to your favourite group…

a) You keep up to date with their comebacks and album releases.

b) You also keep up to date with their activities, eg. what shows they might be appearing on, what countries they’re visiting etc.

c) You also belong to their fanclub and might even run a fansite or fan account for the group!


Mostly a’s…

You’re definitely a fan and you like to show your pride about it but you can’t afford to donate all of your time to the fandom! You like to enjoy K-pop from a little distance and on your own terms.

Mostly b’s…

You love being part of the fandom but you find time to balance it with your day to day life. You like to be in the know but you realise it isn’t realistic for you personally to devote all your energies to K-pop.

Mostly c’s…

You’re incredibly dedicated! You love being as involved as possible and the fandom is your favourite thing. Be sure to take a break every now and again though!



How did you do? Remember, this quiz is just for fun and quite silly at that!


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