Test your K-pop knowledge with our Christmas Photo Quiz. Answers are at the bottom – no cheating! Tell us your score in the comments below.

1.) In what year did this five member girl group make their debut?

2.) Name this girl group member!

3.) How many members are there in group that this particular idol belongs to?

4.) Which popular TV show links this group to the answer for number 3?

5.) How many comebacks have this group had since 2011 (not including debut)?

6.) Which well-loved cosmetic brand has this idol promoted for, along with a fellow label-mate from number 4?

7.) Which UK clothing brand is Girls’ Generation’s Yoona pictured wearing here?

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8.) This group recently visited the UK on their European tour. What was the name of the tour?

9.) What was the nickname given to this dance move from this idol’s most recent solo comeback?

10.) Under what name are these five soon-to-be idols set to debut under?








1 – 2009

2 – Seungyeon, KARA

3 – 5 members, B1A4

4 – They both appeared on Hello Baby

5 – 4 comebacks (Masquerade, Pop Pop Pop, Style, Just Go)

6 – Etude House, Sulli of f(x) with Key of SHINee

7 – Lazy Oaf

8 – One Great Step

9 – The Crab Dance



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