On the 28th, CCM released new soloist Shannon’s new MV ‘Remember You’, featuring Jong Kook, and guess what? Shannon is a fellow Brit! The fantastic singer is English born, to a Welsh Father and Korean Mother, giving her impeccable skills in both languages to go with her top singing skills.

Many of you may recognise her from her appearances on TV. She made an appearance on Star King when she was younger, showing her singing talent isn’t only something she’s been trained into.

She also recently made an appearance on Secret Singer – a show in which various contestants are hidden behind doors and have to sing a particular song, behind one of the doors is the real singer and the audience has to guess who. IU was the singer in the episode Shannon featured in. She was also originally to debut as a new member of 5Dolls.

Shannon is only 15 (16 in Korea), making her one of the youngest solo debuts since SM debuted BoA in 2000. She also attended the well known Sylvia Young Theatre School in London. An establishment which has produced many a great British talent, such as the likes of Billie Piper, Emma Bunton and Rita Ora.

You can check out her song with Jong Kook below, and you can support her by following her Twitter and Instagram. Her full debut is set for May 15th, with another pre-release to come on February 12th (Korean time).

[youtube id=”BfqWGOvKaEw”]

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