On January 3rd 2014, Krystal from F(x) was spotted in Heathrow airport after just landing in London for what a photoshoot! She arrived between 8 – 9PM GMT at Terminal 4. This isn’t her first time in London, she also came with her sister, SNSD’s Jessica back in 2012 as an ambassador for the London Paralympics.

Recently through 2013 and the beginning of 2014, London has become a popular place for K-Idols to work with. In the past, we’ve had music videos from CN Blue, G-Dragon Donghae and Eunyuk and even Hyolyn’s solo debut music video. Should we expect to see more of this in 2014?

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At the moment we are still unsure on how long she will be staying in London, but let’s make sure she enjoys it! If you do decide to go see her, please be respectful and polite.


Krystal spotted in East London

Leaving Incheon Airport

Arrival in Heathrow

Heathrow Fancam


**cr on photos/videos. Info source: Functionlove


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