To kick off our first Kpop Music Video Breakdown for 2014, we take a quick look at the video to one of Rain‘s comeback singles La Song.

The video begins with Rain driving and simultaneously bopping away to his other newest track 30 Sexy as he arrives in a new place. Casually sucking a lollipop, armed with a thick fur coat, plenty of bling on his fingers and a hairstyle a little reminiscent of Coolio, he casually steps out and opens the back door to his van to bring out a huge stereo, much to the curiosity of the local folk.

When Rain hits the play button, circus-style music plays and the scene soon spreads to his surroundings which turn out to be a warehouse with lots of stalls inside. All is quiet until the song title pops up in fancy lettering and the quick circus intro immediately moves into a Latin dance flavour. Rain kicks off a routine and his back-up dancers join in.

“4, 3, 2, 1,” he murmurs and brass beats flow with his smooth dance moves before he starts to sing. The scene then cuts to Rain confidently walking into a bar and presumably asks one of the men to keep an eye on his stereo before he walks off. The next scenes during the chorus of Lalalala lalalalalala are all about dancing and getting your groove on. Everybody in the town joins in to party.

“1, 2, 3, 4. Show me what you got uh-huh,” Rain’s voice repeatedly booms over what sounds like a bottle being opened and then poured into glass as he walks over to a black woman sitting on a bench. Standing against the wall he turns away then looks back at her, inching closer to blow into her mouth, suddenly causing her chest and backside to expand.

The scene then changes to Rain rapping while sitting at a butcher stall and stroking a pig. There’s also a lot of twerking going on by the Korean female dancers as he raps about how he’s different from the cheesy people who follow him. Then we get back to the chorus of the ever so catchy Lalalalala lalalalalala with even more dancing by the growing audience. Of course you can’t have a video without a quick Rain dance solo. He shows the crowd what he’s good at, walking in a circle as he sprinkles sand and people cheer him on. He encourages everyone to party with him no matter what, even when chicken feathers are falling down.

Combining the repetitive chorus with funky music, watching LA Song‘s MV is guaranteed to get you dancing or moving your arms to the beat when you least expect it. This is a perfect track to put at a club. The music video itself doesn’t have a major story except for the fact Rain is saying he just wants to party.

Barring the brief awkwardness that might raise some people’s eyebrows where the black woman had her body expanding in many ways and Rain’s van suddenly got bigger and developed a chicken head on top, the most prominent aspect you will pick up from the MV are the different ethnic backgrounds amongst the talented dancers. They showcase their dancing ability from hip-hop to tribal. Seeing all these various individuals somehow gives off the message that it doesn’t matter what you look like, anyone can party together. The costumes in this video vary from being dapper to typical street style.

Check out the video in its entirety here. Who’s up for a party in a smoky warehouse?

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