Alternate Listening Tuesday now comes to you as a backstage pass to alternative artists in the world of Kpop. These might be collaborators, producers, writers – you name it, they could be here. 

Last week we looked at the Woollim production duo Rphabet.

Today we venture away from the SM empire and to a much smaller label, Brave Sound. Similar to other smaller companies such as Jungle Ent, BrandNew Music and Stardom, Brave Sound was founded by a rapper.*

Debuting in 2001, Brave Brothers is the stage name of just one man, Kang Dong Chul. He spent four years as a producer and composer at YG Entertainment before leaving in 2008 to start Brave Sound Entertainment.

Whilst at YG Brave Brothers created a number of tracks for the likes of Se7en and BIGBANG, including the track Lies.

[youtube id=”2Cv3phvP8Ro”]

Brave Brothers are also behind the following tracks: 4Minute’s What’s Your Name? and Is It Poppin?; a multitude of Teen Top tracks including Crazy, Be Ma Girl, and Miss Right alongside Brave Sound producer ElephantKingdom.

He even wrote and produced HyunA’s Ice Cream, a track that features Brave Sound artist Maboos.

[youtube id=”QlWZluzBNxM”]

You might have heard their work most recently via U-KISS.

[youtube id=”lL2Gasb6QTg”]

She’s Mine was written and produced in collaboration with Brave Sound artists Maboos and Chakun of Electroboyz, the group also responsible for the much talked about lyrics for Turn Off The Light, and for the production of the UBEAT EP.

Electroboyz are a hip hop trio formed of Maboos, Chakun and 1KYNE. You may have heard of them as they teamed up with Sistar’s Hyolyn to create Ma Boy 2.

Left to right: Chakun, Maboos, 1KYNE

In November, presenting a catchy fusion of pop and hip hop, Electroboyz released their EP, The Truth, with it’s title track Busted.

[youtube id=”b1lccx3W24U”]

This is another tale of the bad girl, a reoccurring theme in Korean music of late. The mv follows Chakun as he catches out cheating girls.

Every Friday at midday you can listen to 1KYNE on Arirang Radio as he takes part in Seean’s Hip Hop Battle during her Sound K show, all in English, alongside MYK.

The company is also home to BIGSTAR, who’s Run & Run, of course composed and produced by Brave Brothers and ElephantKingdom, was popular in the UKP Charts, entering at #3 and holding a place in the charts for a number of weeks. Brave Girls, who should hopefully be returning this year, also hail from Brave Sound.

Electroboyz  itunes  facebook  twitter  Brave  youtube  facebook  twitter

A full mv breakdown of Busted is available via

Do you have a favourite track created by Brave Brothers & Co? Are Electroboyz own tracks as catchy as the ones they write for Kpop acts?


*Jungle Entertainment = Tiger JK, BrandNew Music = Rhymer, Stardom = Cho PD


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