This edition of Indie Spotlight features female indie pop duo Lucite Tokki. Their unusual name is characterised by the crystal clear voice of Cho Ye-jin, Lucite is a solid transparent plastic made of polymethyl methacrylate (like Perspex); Tokki means rabbit in Korean and suits the fresh, beautiful sound that comes from Cho and guitar player Kim Sun-Young.

Lucite Tokki portray their growth and thoughts through heir music, taking inspiration from things they experience in everyday life, such as the weather.
Their new EP, Love Letters, is more sophisticated and delicate than past releases, with fresh and lively songs about the thrill and excitement of summer love through a careful heart.

The first track, Wallflower, combines the clarity of Cho’s voice with fresh pop melodies and danceable rhythms. With the lyrics ‘I’m nothing but a wallflower’ the meaning is evident to those who speak no Korean, this is about the feelings experienced as the love give is unrequited.
The mv combines both the fun of its sound and the sadness of its message through the friendship of the duo.

If I Were A Bird is a simple, neat ballad about love. The sound is refreshing and perfectly captures the feeling intended by Lucite Tokki, of a sweet nap under shade, as the soft breeze greets you on a bright summer day.

The two track EP is available on iTunes for just £1.58, and well worth a listen, particularly if you enjoy the music of OKDAL, Standing Egg, or Peppertones.

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