It seems like a big time for Korean fashion designers in the UK right now. Three  Korean designers were featured at February’s London Fashion Week just recently. There are even more Korean designers currently being featured at the Korean Cultural Centre UK. The exhibition will only be on until the 1st March 2014, so keep reading to see if you will be interested in going to see it!

Featured Korean designers the KCCUK K-Fashion Odyssey Exhibition:

Chloe Kim

Chloe Kim, Korean, Fashion KCCUK


Like many fashion designers. Kim studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, in fact, she only recently graduated. A lot of her work is said to be inspired by the Charles Dickens character Miss Havisham from his book ‘Great Expectations’, and when you see the long and extravagant dresses full of a Victorian vibe, it is easy to make this connection. Kim works by a very natural, pastel colour palate and many of her pieces are entirely overrun by layer upon layer of fabric, mimicking an almost fur or floral-like nature.

Gigi Jeehyun Jung

Gigi Jeehyun Jung, Fashion, KCCUK


Currently studying an MA at the London College of Fashion, it might be hard to see how Jung can maintain a playful mood. Many of her designs are the epitome of avant-garde high fashion in their utterly strange look. It is said that Jung likes to embrace a childlike taste in her work, pushing adults to take on that vibrant and silly nature that we often leave behind as we grow older. It is hard not to smile when confronted with her beautifully unusual work, she has even been previously inspired by Tim Burton’s film ‘Pee Wee’s Big Adventure’ – if that isn’t crazy, I don’t know what is!

Hyein So

Hyein So, Hyein Seo, Fashion, KCCUK, Korean


So is currently studying an MA at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts situated in Antwerp, Belgium. Her recent collection of work entitled ‘Fear Eats the Soul’ embraces a horror-film aesthetic. She uses deep colours such as blacks and reds, layers on the fur and makes use of models with pale skin and blood-red lips to bring her theme to life. This collection puts forth the idea of a badass horror heroine that strikes fear into her enemies hearts. Any fans of Disney villains such as Cruella Deville will probably find So’s work really enjoyable.

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Narae Park

Narae Park, Fashion, KCCUK


Park’s past work has previously thrown the light on a monumental issue of the fashion industry – the issue of child labour. In a world often preoccupied more with the finished products that the processes by which they are made, Park’s unashamed exposure of the darker sides are refreshing. Her work shows that, whilst we can enjoy fashion, we must also not sweep the problems surrounding the industry under the carpet. He recent collections do show a slightly more positive vibe though, and her mixing of colours, patterns and vastly contrasting sizes makes for interesting viewing.

Rejina Pyo

Rejina Pyo, Fashion, KCCUK,


We have previously covered Pyo in our LFW Korean Designers article, but as you can see, her designs don’t really need many words. She shows a very girly and adventurous tone in her designs, often using bright and shiny materials to achieve a mix of sharp and smooth lines. Her dresses are something that would not be out-of-place on pop star Lady Gaga’s body. They are simply stunning pieces.

There are a few further details on the exhibition available here if you are interested in catching it before it ends. We hope that this article has piqued your interest and that many of you will go to enjoy this great show. It is surely a must for all of you fashion lovers out there!

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[Source: KCCUK official website].


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