Galbi Bros have become increasingly popular over the months with their pop-up stores across various parts of London. However they want to do much more in order to introduce Korean food to newcomers.

Continuing their pop-ups across the streets, Galbi Bros want to promote the style of Anju which is a general Korean term for snacks that are consumed with alcohol. It’s something I’m sure many of us have noticed when dining with Koreans or observed in various media where actors or idols eat side dishes and down numerous shots of alcohol afterwards.

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Combining the popular favourites like Pajeon, Bibimbap and Bulgogi, Galbi Bros hope to introduce other traditional dishes such as ox tongue and pig trotters and combine these foods with different alcoholic beverages aside from the well-known Soju.

If you want to show your support, check out Galbi Bros‘s Launching People page. There are also HQ mouth-watering photos of their food as well.


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