Today we have another On The Radar for you, this time it’s BESTie!

The girls of BESTie are doing increasingly well, and have just come back again with their new song ‘Thank You Very Much’, a song about a girl who gets dumped and instead of being sad, she goes out for a girls night. As the title suggests, she’s not sad about their break up any more.

BESTie debuted last year with their single ‘두근두근’, otherwise known as Pitapat, and later came back with their Brave Brothers created hit ‘Love Options’ which garnered over 1 million hits on YouTube – impressive for a new group.

BESTie Playlist on YouTube

We’re lucky to have had the chance to sit down with them for an interview shortly after their debut, and after much delay we present you with a short message from BESTie. Stay tuned for the full interview, and a signed CD giveaway!

[youtube id=”Z5qBJdhaztY”]

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