Welcome back to this week’s Thursday Thriller, and today we’ll be looking at the 2006-released gangster thriller film, A Dirty Carnival.

A Dirty Carnival follows the life of Byung Du, a career criminal in his late twenties who works for a middle ranking mobster in a gang. Byung Du is the struggling patriarch of his family, financially responsible for his terminally ill mother and having to look after his younger siblings. Luckily for Byung Du an opportunity arises to allow him to increase his income when someone starts threatening the president of his gang, and in order to move up the gang rankings, Byung Du offers to deal with the situation and make the problem disappear.

Meanwhile, one of his high school friends shows up asking a favour of Byung Du, to be an advisor on a film project he is working on. Byung Du accepts, but after a night where the two go drinking together, Byung Du gets drunk and tells his old friend all about the things he’s done as a gangster, including his latest favour for the boss. These confessions put a massive strain on his relationship with the underworld and also his old friendship.

This film was very different to many thrillers I have seen, and following a fairly low level criminal was a really interesting storyline. I highly this film!

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