EXO‘s much anticipated comeback is in the form of a new EP called Overdose. How does it fare? Here is a quick track by track review.

1. Overdose This song title speaks for itself. Discussing an addiction to love and how deep it consumes you. It’s almost like a call for help to the doctor and incredibly how the song opens with a distorted voice followed by fast clapping which you’ll notice in the dance as well. The lyrics to the title track are quite sensual. If you read the first part of the rap section you will see what I mean. In the comeback showcase, Suho describes Overdose as an urban R’n’B dance track. There is no doubt you will find yourself dancing to this song and copying the point choreography in particular.

2. Moonlight A slow, intimate track where a girl visits a boy at night. Is it an angel? There is mention of wings and how she enchants the boy because she is showered by starlight. But the sad story described in the song isn’t just about her with someone else. It’s also about the boy singing and watching her and how he doesn’t want to see her get hurt. Random note – I really like the short guitar riffs in the background of the song.

3. Thunder This is a funky R’n’B track about a boy’s love for a girl but the latter suddenly disappears from his eyes. It’s too late though. She’s gone so fast like thunder and the boy regrets not catching her right away. Now I’m finally lovesick with you. Thunder Thunder Thunder. I want to catch you. Thunder Thunder Thunder

4. Run A happy song that definitely works in a live performance e.g. the second showcase. Run talks about a guy encouraging a girl to follow and run somewhere with him, have adventures together. I’m caught in the catchy chorus and uncontrollably wave my arms whenever it comes up, as well as the ahhhh yep chanting. I also have a soft spot for the following line – Fairy tale fantasies become a daily routine. Sounds like fun. I’m down with that. You could put this track in a ‘happy / encouraging’ folder along the likes of 3.6.5 and Peter Pan.


5. Love Love Love A particular highlight of this song is the mix of a piano, guitar and harp instrumentals. You might find there is a traditional Korean music feel to begin with but as the song progresses the story of the song grows very intimate, namely with the echoes of Earth, air, water, fire and the murmurs of Look into your eyes, butter-butterflies. It’s one of those songs that provides a stronger effect when it’s being listened with earphones.

**track 6 is the EXO version of Overdose**

Overall review

8.2 Upgrade in musicality

Would this EP be enough to gain new fans here? There is a possibility. Overdose and Thunder could attract young music fans who like to dance and the former is definitely catchy enough to stick into one's head. Love Love Love has a sensual vibe that may be put on repeat for the guilty pleasure minds.

Overdose may be a short EP but it is certainly a noteworthy music comeback for EXO. You can see a lot more urban music elements and the EP is perhaps presenting the group's music with a slightly mature sound, upgrading from the debut full-length album that dabbled with a lot of easy on the ears pop music and dance tunes to groove along to.

  • Vocal style 8.5
  • Music variety 8.5
  • UK potential 7.5
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