All the British BABYz that have been watching B.A.P‘s currently airing programme ‘B.A.P ATTACK!’ have probably been anticipating the episode that covers their time in the UK. Well, it’s finally here!

‘B.A.P ATTACK’ is a series that follows the members around during their LIVE ON EARTH 2014 Tour. The guys spend a lot of their time filming the content themselves on a handheld camera, so viewers get to see them mess around and have fun behind the scenes as well as how they work.

So far, we have watched the boys enjoy the sights and the food of their many tour stops, it’s also interesting to see how they cope with the cultural differences they are confronted with. Of course, there are also lots of funny moments where the guys tease each other and generally act silly, which is a very entertaining side for fans to see.

Let’s hope they enjoyed their time in the UK! The original video is below:

Thankfully, for those of us that don’t speak Korean, subbers are always very hard-working and fast in giving us English subtitles. A particularly good English-subbing team are Bapsubbers001, so keep an eye on the YouTube channel here for a subbed version!

Let us know what you think of the latest episode of ‘B.A.P ATTACK!’


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