Remember to Breathe, ZE:A Style – the boys are finally back, releasing teasers for a new 5-track mini album First Homme this week.

ZE:A, AKA Children of Empire are a nine-member band under Star Empire Entertainment. The glorious nine are Kevin (lead vocal), Kwanghee (visual), Siwan (vocals), Junyoung (leader), Taeheon (rapper), Heechul (rapper), Minwoo (lead dancer), Hyungsik (vocals)and Dongjun (maknae).

There’s also a sub-unit, called ZE:A Five: Kevin, Siwan, Minwoo,Hyungsik and Dongjun.

Mazeltov marked the boys’ debut in January 2010, and they’ve released a steady hit every year, but it’s actually their activities off-stage that have earned the guys national notoriety. It all kicked off with Kwanghee’s TV show appearances. Chatty and charming, visual Kwanghee openly admitted to having plastic surgery to feel more confident in the K-pop biz. Certainly his ‘before’ picture is almost unrecognisable. In 2011, bandmate Dongjun earned more public attention for Z:EA in 2011 for his drama work, athletic prowess in the Idol Athletics games and similar looks to Ha Ga’In. Siwan followed in his dramatic foosteps with a role in The Moon The Embraces The Sun. Last year, Hyungsik began to win favour in army show Real Men. These four have become a staple of TV variety shows, popular with many non-K-pop fans too.

At first listen and look, this year’s release First Homme shows off a smooth and charismatic side to the guys. Be sure to check out One, a track that Kevin and Hyungsik co-composed.

Recommended playlist

Teaser: Breathe, the newest single

Mazeltov – their debut track and still catchy as hell

All Day Long – yep, school sucks

The Day We Broke Up (by sub-unit ZE:A Five)

Heart for 2 – a hot live performance on MBC’s Music Core



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