Composer and producer Jung Key has finally released his first full album after four years. The full album, Emotion, boasts fifteen tracks, with eleven participating vocalists, and an impressive six music videos. 

Emotion is a collection of different genres, from ballad, to pop, to blues and R&B. Each track may have a different feel and style but each embodies one same theme

there has to be emotions for a person to interact with another person.

Things I Can’t Say

Sung by Navi, Things I Can’t Say is as you’d expect, a goodbye ballad.
The imagery is simple, a split screen to show the perspective of both girl and boy as they break up. The emotion Jung Key wishes to portray is strong both in Navi’s vocals and in the visual, as the faces of the characters betray them. You will wish with all your might that he will run back to her, changing his might, yourself caught up in their emotion, but alas, this is a break up song.


It is the voice of Na Young Kim that brings Alone to life. In an extended mv we see an introductory love story, quickly unravelled as a terrible truth about the boyfriend is revealed. As the emotion in the song builds we follow the story’s female as she tries to accept her pain and that she is to be alone, through a mix of flashbacks and reflection.

Being Left

The male and female duet in Being Left comes from King Bak and Minjung Kim. Accompanied by black and white visuals it isn’t until the the song builds into a crescendo, the mv bursting into colour.

Be Forgotten

Vocals of Da Il Yang can be heard in Be Forgotten. He sings of how he may not have appreciated his former girlfriend, and through visual reflection we are able to see the moments he considers this may have been the case.


Complain’s lyrics are sung by So Youn Jo. The narrative of the visual follows a young single woman as she goes about her daily life, yet throughout her day she is reminded of her single status as happy couples pass her by.

I’m Sorry

Featuring vocals from Welldone Potato I’m Sorry’s mv is set in a stark black and white with a flash of red. Showing the vastest contrast in emotion I’m Sorry spans from intense love to the pain of separation.


Emotion fits Jung Key’s intent perfectly, showcasing strong emotions in sound and visual. Six music videos is highly impressive, especially as each captures and evokes such strong feelings.


Have you watched any of these mvs? Which is your favourite?


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