Enthusiasts of Korean traditional arts and theatre will be in for a treat this year, especially if you are based up in Scotland.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe will be offering film screenings, physical theatre, numerous dance performances and a Taekwondo percussion demonstration throughout the summer month, commencing from late July up till August.

Interested? Keep on reading for more details on ticket prices and where to watch these performances during your time in Edinburgh.

* A Drinker (rating 12+) will be showing at Venue: C Venues – C nova (Venue 145) from 4 – 8 August, 17:05. Also showing at Spotlites – The Merchants’ Hall (Venue 278) from 10 – 16 August, 17:05 Tickets here will cost from £7.50 ~ £10.50

MVyung-su has a lifelong relationship with the bottle. Just as his life was looking bright, his business goes bankrupt and he is left with nothing but debt. On the belief all is lost, he drinks his money away but finds hope again when he starts a small roadside pub busines and suddenly comes into contact with a long lost love Mong-ja. Hope for a better life reawakens within him.

* A Walk In The Dust (rating U) screening will be at Sweet Grassmarket’s venue 18 on 15 August, 16:40 and tickets will range from £4.00 – £6.00.

At the age of seven years old, Gretchen is caught in a demonstration for her town’s liberation during the Japanese occupation in the state of Joseon. Killed by a Japanese gunshot, the spirit of Gretchen begs with God to let her live again and she is given that chance.

* Brush (rating U) will be showing at C venue 34 from 30 July – 24 August, 12pm and tickets will cost between £6.50 – £10.50.

Brush is a bewitching story filled with weird and wonderful characters. Mysterious oriental curves and colourful westernised drawings are dancing on the wallpaper.

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* Leodo: Paradise Lost (rating PG) will be showing at C venue – C (Venue 34) from 30 July – 24 August, 15:35 and tickets will range from £7.50 ~ £11.50

A musical theatre piece using traditional and contemporary drumming, singing, dancing and movement with beautiful costumes. Bringing the arts and joy of Jeju.

* Like Fireworks, Like Butterflies (rating PG) is a play based on the dancer Choi Seunghee who learnt to dance at the age of 16 in the 1920s. A legendary pioneer in the development of modern dance, even after her death. This will be shown at theSpace on North Bridge from 4 – 16 August, 16:00 and tickets will range from £7.00 – £10.00.

* Summer Scent of Edinburgh performance by Ensemble Lotus will take place at Acoustic Music Centre @ St Bride’s (Venue 123) on 12 August, 19:00 and is admission free.

Classical group Ensemble Lotus will bring their talent to Edinburgh and perform pieces from different genres and generations, as well as film scores and well-known classical pieces. They will also perform Arirang a famous Korean traditional folk song for the first time. This is an exclusive for attendees at the Edinburgh Festival.

* Taekwon Percussion Performance: BIGABI to take place at Acoustic Music Centre @ St Bride’s (Venue 123) from 8 – 17 August 14:45. Ticket range will be from £8.00 – £10.00

BIGABI combine traditional Korean percussion instruments with Taekwondo movements. Advanced students of Jung Moo enter a competition to see who is the best of the best.

**Should you want to book tickets for any of these events here are the Box Office details — official website or phone 0131 226 0000**


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