Today’s MV Monday features a powerful comeback video from SM girl group, F(x).

After just a day after it’s release, this music video managed to gain over a million views! It’s a new style for F(x), who are usually bright, colourful and bubbly, this video shows a different side of the girls.  The video features dark makeup, dark sets, fire, and of course, a lot of red lights.

The red lights come across as tints, lasers and sirens which ties in with the military look the girls are styled in. SM Entertainment have used this army theme with their previous artists as it’s an ongoing thing, it shows that even if they don’t top all the charts they know their reach is far greater.

There’s also a lot of focus on the eyes in this video.The cat with Heterochromia Iridum at the beginning of the video mirrors the girls’ makeup, which follow a similar style to that of Alex in A Clockwork Orange as it isn’t symmetrical.


With only one eye in makeup, we also see some shots where the girls have covered their other eye with an eye patch. This could be symbolising them hiding their true selves, whereas the smokey eye could be the side that they’re showing to people in order to get through whatever it is they’re faced with in this video. (The gas masked men, explosions etc). The cat in the end is shown with both eyes yellow, this could show losing it’s “true” self completely and dehumanasing in order to cope with what’s being thrown at it.

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This concept was a risk for F(x) to take, but I found that they pulled it off really well. The choreography itself doesn’t stand out to me, but by having parts of it in silhouette it makes it much more interesting to watch. It was certainly a powerful comeback from F(x), which continues to top charts all over Southeast Asia.

Check it out below!

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