NU’EST released their first full album this past week, Re:BIRTH. We decided to take a look at their album to find out what Urban Electro Band NU’EST have brought to the table with their brand new look. 

The album begins with intro track Judgement. Having teamed up with electro house sound makers Roll Spike, Judgement encapsulates the original ethos of NU’EST’s electro band concept.
You can check out the TS released for the intro track here:

Lyrics for Big Deal come from Gilme, an artist known for working with a wide range of kpoppers from Eun Ji Won to XIA. To really kick off the album NU’EST keep to their electro fusion style, though display a far more mature style and ability to those displayed in their early mini releases.

The title track for Re:BIRTH comes from a trio of composers, but has a sound you may find sounds very specific to one of the three. AOMG’s Cha Cha Malone known mostly for his endless work with Jay Park [Bestie/Up & Down/Welcome]. The TS may not have promised much for Goodbye Bye but the full track certainly delivered. With a mix of strong pop, underlying electro vibes, and solid vocals the title track is catchy and addictive.
You can see the mv for Good Bye Bye here:

Love Without Love or Darkness is a slower ballad track, though displays a greater maturity than any ballad the group have released previously. This is the first track on the album to include lyrics from JR.

Continuing their mission to experiment with musical styles Storybook once again brings a different sound. Storybook possibly sounds most like the typical song a young male group would sing about a girl, it is that this track sounds like it could be sung by almost any male group that leaves it as one of the weakest on the album. Storybook simply doesn’t hold the more individual, experimental markers of a NU’EST track.

Climax features lyrics and composition from Seo Youngbae, a regular collaborator with the group, even being responsible for Action. This shows as Climax furthers their experiments in sound. It also strongly backs up the albums concept of breaking the members away from their boyish debut image and rebranding them as young men, as they take on more adult themes.

Lyricist for the album’s title track, Kye Bum Zu, is the featured artist on Lend A Shoulder. This track again saw lyrics written by JR, but also a large English section written by Aron. Unlike Storybook, Lend A Shoulder holds its own, standing out as one of the stronger tracks on the album, and keeping a distinct NU’EST sound even without an electro basis.


The album ends with a collection of title tracks from their mini releases. First up is debut FACE. This track brought them best single nominations and had them break out as one of the strongest rookies of 2012, even alongside EXO.

Next up is second release Action. With title track lyrics from VASCO this ep did well, peaking at number 4 on their Weekly Gaon chart. Two other tracks were released from the ep, but do not feature on this album.

NU’EST’s first slower title track Hello is the penultimate track on their Re:BIRTH album, a welcome break after the high tempo of FACE and Action. Even with a slower title Hello is their mini to peak the higest in the charts at number 3.

Ending Re:BIRTH is Sleep Talking the electro pop title track from Duble Sidekick that returned NU’EST to their roots. Sleep Talking is a well rounded track to conclude their first album with as it sums up their brand well, not only does it have electro roots but it shows a very experimental sound.

Those who buy the physical album will also be able to get their hands on a bonus track, Hey, Love, a solo track from JR, written completely by himself, unfortunately not available through iTunes or any other download site.


77% A solid experiment in sound

Anyone who is a L.O.Λ.E, or knows one, may not be completely unaware that NU'EST haven't been able to hold the momentum they presented in their debut year, but the group are consistently presenting solid records that hold their ethos at the heart, experimenting with sound.
Playing with sounds that are both highly popular now, and core sounds of well founded pop, NU'EST have created an album that has the potential to reach not only their own fans, but a much wider marker.
NU'EST do what their name says here, they have finally solidified themselves a mature image using strong, established styles and tempo.

  • UK potential 70 %
  • Music style 80 %
  • Song variety 80 %
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 92 %

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