South Korea has it’s sights set on Western markets for their popular culture, and Gangnam Style was just the start.

K-Pop has been brought up in UK media once again!

The Independent published an article online titled “Move Over PSY, Here Comes G-Dragon Style” which talks about G-Dragon as an artist and the Hallyu wave.

Rather than comparing G-Dragon with PSY, they’re actively telling people that there is more to K-Pop than just Gangnam Style. With Big Bang’s highly successful concert in London and G-Dragon’s multiple visits, it’s no surprise they’ve chosen to talk about G-Dragon. The article briefly mentions G-Dragon’s connections, K-dramas and promotes the KBS K-pop world festival final in London which takes place on August 30th. (More information on it here.)

Check out the article here, and let them know what got you into K-pop!


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