They’re back back back back ba–ack; yep, barely two months after releasing their second full studio album Season 2, Infinite have already released a repackage version, Be Back.

What’s new?
Two new songs are added to the Season 2 tracklist, Back and Diamond, making this a 15-track album. Investing in a hard copy gives you some classy black and white photography very different in style to Season 2, and a random photocard of one member. Limited edition photobooks also came with the first press edition.

Track by Track
The gentle piano notes of intro Season 2 are really just an intake of breath before Last Romeo kicks in. An upbeat, trumpet-stomping track, this was an epic first choice for the boys’ comeback in May. But track three, Back is the newest and arguably stronger release. It starts out with a pleading Dongwoo: ‘Can you save me?’ lulling us into thinking it’s a ballad, but quickly builds into a solid pop riff with simple English chorus that you will keep on singing between plays. It would be a classic Infinite track, except there’s no rap section. It’s being promoted with Diamond, a swooning ballad that’s claiming Inspirit hearts on repeated play.

After such a strong start, tracks 5 to 7 take it down a notch: Follow Me could easily be the ending track to a rom-com drama; 로시난테/Rosinante has a ear-pleasing ‘Oo-ooh-ooh-ooh’ chorus line, and 숨 좀 쉬자/Breathe has a sub-chorus reminiscent of  SNSD’s The Boys.

Leader Kim Sungkyu’s vocals always shine on Infinite’s tracks, as he shimmies up and down scales with a delightful ease. His solo track Light is a laid-back, sunny day of a song compared to the more mournful tones heard in his Another Me album. Matching his laid-back mood is track 9, Alone by sub-unit Infinite H. Hoya and Dongwoo have already proved themselves as a talented rap and dance duo, able to command the stage powerfully and this track is a solid reminder of their strong vocals too.

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Memories picks up the pace again, a light and sweet tune with an unendingly catchy ‘do-do-do-do-do-‘ chorus line. But vocal soul is back in track 11, 나란 사람/A Person Like Me. While all the guys share some lines, it’s lead vocalist Nam Woohyun’s voice that soars, and tugs at the heart here; it’s a classic Infinite power ballad sure to tingle the spine heard live. Woohyun also steals the glory of track 14, a solo called 눈을 감으면/Close Your Eyes, but his vocals feel more subdued in tone. Regrettably Reflex, the track sandwiched between Woohyun’s vocal tracks, comes off asas a light and fluffy but almost instantly forgettable tune.

Inspirits are well used to hearing the hyungs of Infinite sing solo, but what of the maknae line? Track 13 delivers 미치겠어/Going Crazy by Infinite F, the new sub-unit revealed at One Great Step Returns. Inspirits expected to hear Heartbeats,which Sungjong, Myungsoo and Sungyeol performed then, but that’s made it onto a drama OST. Instead, here’s another sweetly delightful pop tune to savor.

Once over the initial disappointment that the name 소나기/Shower refers to just a rain shower, track 15 delivers a solid pop finish to the album. A short shouty chorus and sweet harmony will make this a live favourite. It’s worth noting that Season 2 had a sweet acoustic hidden track, Hey Hello, but Be Back doesn’t. 15 is your lot.



8.3 A solid investment

80's riff-pop, epic power ballads and some laid-back hip-hop: this is an album that represents Infinite's sound well. Both Season 2 and Be Back are a must-have for any photocard-collecting Inspirit, but for digital downloaders the repack offers better value with the inclusion of Back and Diamond.

  • UK Potential 8
  • Music Style 8
  • Song Variety 9
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 10

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