To change things up a little for WOTW, we’re here with 10 words we’re sure you’ve all heard many times in K-pop hits. But what do they all mean? Check it out after the jump.


10. Simjang (심장) – Heart

The word appears f(x)’s Paper Heart, a song about acting tough but being sensitive underneath.


9. Eotteoke? (어떻게?) – How?

‘Eotteoke’ and its variations appears in a plethora of K-pop songs, one such song being Block B’s Kyung’s solo song with Jo Hyuna of Urban Zakapa – When, Where, What, How?


8. Michyeo (미쳐) – Crazy

Out of all the songs that feature the word for ‘crazy’, there’s one that everyone knows; Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry!


7. Babo (바보) – Idiot/Stupid

Can you count the number of songs about idiots? There’s Juniel’s Fool, Epik High’s Fool, Park Hyoshin’s Fool, U-KISS’s Soohyun’s Fool…and that’s just for starters! Which is your favourite?


6. Haengbokhae (행복(해)) – Happy

‘Happy’ is another another word that appears in many a K-pop song, first gen idols ‘H.O.T’ even have a track titled Happy. However, here’s BEAST’s track ‘You’.


5. Jebal (제발) – Please

‘Please’ usually makes an appearance in romantic K-pop songs, but it’s especially heartbreaking in K.Will’s Please Don’t.


4. Seonmul (선물) – Gift

SHINee ‘present’ us with the word for ‘Gift’ in their ballad ‘Last Gift’.


3. Maeum (마음) – Heart/Soul

K-pop songs are always about feelings, and feelings from the soul are most important of all. 2NE1 tells of heartbreak troubles in ‘If I were you’.


2. Yeongwonhi (영원히) – Forever

Everyone wants their love to last forever and B1A4 put their feelings into words with their OST for We Got Married, ‘Sunshine’.


1. Saranghaeyo (사랑(해요)) – I Love You

The only word worthy of the top spot in our list. Every other K-pop song features the words ‘I Love You’, a number of the songs on our list so far do too. So it’s only natural we mention a song that says ‘I Love You’ like no other; 2AM’s ‘I Love You I Love You’.


Did you catch each word in the songs? What other songs can you think of that feature this list? Let us know in the comments below!


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