I’ve long been a fan of Block B, since their debut teaser was released, and one thing you can expect as a fan of Block B is that they’ll always do something unexpected. HER is one of these unexpected things.

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Right off the bat they intrigued – and even angered – viewers with their odd teaser; he boys all drooling over a model-like Westerner for what appears to be some length of time. Fans and haters alike expressed disappointment in Block B, however were pleasantly surprised when the music video had nothing to do with the teaser.

But, the teaser isn’t completely unrelated as the song tells of a guy that wishes a girl would stop settling for guys that only appreciate her for her looks, and go for someone like him that really cares about her.

The song itself is not Block B’s regular style, but do Block B even have a regular style? Zico previously said in an interview with UnitedKpop, that Block B have the capacity to become versatile so they can try many styles – and they’re certainly living up to their capacity. From Freeze to Tell Them, Nililli Mambo to HER, they’re checking off most of the major concepts in K-pop – we just need a dark concept!

‘HER’ is an upbeat and incredibly catchy song, and each member is showcased fairly – even Jaehyo has his share of lines! The song grabbed its first win on M!Countdown recently, a testament to the catchiness. And unlike many catchy K-pop hits, Block B backs up HER with solid vocals and rap.

The song has a definite summer feel to it, with some parts giving off a retro surfer vibe. The retro vibe is echoed in the music video with the grading and sets – perhaps a little in their wardrobe too. I really like the clapping in the beginning, it has a real feel good vibe to it and also, if like me you aren’t the best of dancers, you can always clap along. And as we all know, Block B as a whole claim to be not the best of dancers either. As a result, the actual choreography is pretty simple and reminiscent of choreography in previous songs such as Very Good and NalinA. This makes it not only easy to do, but easy to remember.

There are a couple of breaks in HER; one for Zico’s rap break and another for Taeil’s power line. Breaks in songs can be difficult – they either make or break a song. Luckily for Block B, the breaks in HER made the song better. Since the choruses are highly repetitive, no break might have put it into over drive and rather than being catchy, HER would become annoying. That said, whilst highly addictive, HER isn’t a song I can personally listen to too many times on repeat.

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On the MV: I really like the use of colours and the set. The fact that the wardrobe, sets AND hair all compliment each other is just great. Block B really become part of the scene they’re portraying. The use of ‘multiple Block Bs’ was great, too. It made the transitions between the scenes involved pretty seamless, and added to the fast upbeat pace of the video. Though the break for the variety show segment did slow things down a little before we got car sick! Not to mention it was cute and funny.

There are elements to the song that I believe would do well in the UK and Europe, however overall it may still yet be too different for Western audiences – the non-Kpop inducted that is. HER definitely has global potential though, and if K-pop were to become more successful in the West I believe this song would be one of the ones to do well. But if released now into the Western market it may not reach the same potential. It does well as K-pop, but I don’t think it would sell well as a Western song even in English – though I’d be more than happy to be proven wrong!

Overall, I do love HER. It’s a great feel-good song that never fails to get me dancing – albeit badly – along. It’s not my favourite of Block B’s songs, but it definitely ranks pretty high and will definitely make an appearance on my playlist.

What did you think of HER? What was your favourite part of the MV? Let us know in the comments section below!


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Summer may be nearly over, but the fun doesn't have to end. Crank up BlocK B's HER for some feel-good summer fun, even on Winter days!

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