You might remember that last year, British girl band and former X Factor contestants Little Mix covered the hit 80’s single ‘Word Up’ in honour of Sports Relief.  Rookie K-Pop group A.KOR have now released their cover of the track!

Here is A.KOR’s version:

As you can see, they chose to add their own additional segments to the song in order to make it their own.

Here is Little Mix’s version:

Also, though it is unlikely, if you are unaware of the original track by Cameo released back in 1986 – you can watch it here!

It’s clear to see that this is a popular song to cover, as it has also been taken up by nu-metal rock band Korn in the past too! It is clear to see that each group has added their own flavour and flair to the track, but what do you think of A.KOR’s cover?

Are there any other songs that you would love to be covered by a particular K-Pop group/singer?
Please let us know!


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