Judy Joo, a Korean-American chef, will be opening her new restaurant, Jinjuu, in London’s Soho this November!

You may recognise Judy Joo as one of the chefs on ‘Iron Chef UK’, as well as a judge on season four of the show ‘The Next Iron Chef’. She also hosts the show ‘Korean Food Made Simple’ which airs on the Food Network here in the UK. Although she began a career in the banking industry, she switched careers to begin working as a chef at Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant, as well as many other high end restaurants.

Although Korean food is already big in America, it seems that is not the case in the UK, where Chinese and Japanese restaurants are much more common.

Joo will be opening her restaurant, Jinjuu, in November and seems confident in it being a success, saying, “London is very diverse, and it’s a global city. The British are used to ethnic food, and they love their spices, so I know they will embrace these flavours. What you see is what you get with Korean food. It’s healthier than Chinese cuisine and more flavourful than Japanese. It’s punchy, lively, honest cooking — a bit like the people.” 


This comes as exciting news for those that enjoy Korean food due to the limited number of Korean restaurants in the UK, as well as exciting for those that are wanting to try something new. Will you be trying out Joo’s food this coming winter?

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