On Friday Topp Dogg member Kidoh was the first of the group to go it alone and release a solo EP. The title track comes in the form of Taxi on the Phone, featuring fellow group member Sangdo. This week MV Monday takes a look at the mv for Taxi on the Phone.

Taxi on the Phone takes a far more melodious, R&B vibe than work Kidoh has done with Topp Dogg.
One would assume that the title Taxi on the Phone is a case of Engrish. Were it sensical it may be expected that the song at least implies Kidoh would have a taxi on speed dial for some reason. The reality is the title should probably be Phone in the Taxi, as Kidoh does indeed find a phone in a taxi, the phone of his dream girl.
Given this, the narrative makes more sense.

Kidoh is a taxi driver. Amongst his passengers are comedian Lee Gook Joo, EVOL’s Yull, Iron (smtm3 runner up), Supreme Boi, and Topp Dogg members JenissiA-tom and Yano.

Yull isn’t just another passenger, she plays Kidoh’s ex girlfriend, and it is Yull who leaves her phone in his taxi, a little artistic licence on the lyrics.

Photo: Taxi on the Phone mv

Kidoh decides to return the phone to her, as he remembers their time together, though has to drive the rowdy rappers from his group on his journey – he even needs ear plugs. Any hope you may have had for the couple to happily reunite are dashed by the end however, as you realise she is with someone else.

Photo: Taxi on the Phone mv

Adding an interesting element is the comedic 8-bit illustration within the mv, animated mvs are not overly common in Kpop. In the animation we see Iron run away without paying, Supreme Boi fall drunkenly into the street, and even a little more Engrish.

Photo: Taxi on the Phone mv

It is however comedian Lee Gook Joo that appears to have stolen the show in the Taxi on the Phone mv, not only has her comedy scene been met with a good response, but fans have nothing but praise for her confidence and ‘cool’ alongside Kidoh.

Photo: Taxi on the Phone mv

Kidoh’s EP has seven tracks and is available now.


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