MV Monday this week takes a look at the long awaited return of Super Junior with MAMACITA (AYAYA).  Over two years have passed since Sexy, Free and Single, coincidentally this means the group has never released an album without leader Leeteuk.

The mv concept for MAMACITA (AYAYA) got a little lost when finding its history in the Americas, but never-the-less, is a refreshing SMTown mv.
It has been sometime since an mv from the company has featured a concept in which every member has a specific role, and the narrative is there for all to see.

Centre of the visual is SJ’s visual member Siwon, playing a sheriff, and returning leader Leeteuk, playing a wanted thief, though all the members have a character.

Photos: Mamacita mv

However, the concept and characters are strongly themed around the Old West, all expect for Eunhyuk, the bullfighter. The art of bullfighting and the torero originate in countries of Spanish origin, or influences by Spanish culture.

Photos: Mamacita mv

Bullfighting would place you in Latin America, rather than the Midwest. It is Latin America you’d also be more likely to hear the word Mamacita, a Spanish term akin to sexy lady.
The cowboys here are definitely more suited to the Midwest, they certainly don’t look like Gauchos.

You’d have to look hard to find anymore location anomalies, though they are there. Freeze the newspapers at the beginning and around the main articles you’ll find fillers including a US article about the Hudson Valley Paws For A Cause charity, and a UK article from the Norwich Evening News 2012.

Otherwise the concept is considerably well done, and easy to follow. With a little misdirection, a mallet, and murder Leeteuk is able to steal the crown from the bank, assisted by Shindong and Kyuhyun, a pricey item he ultimately sells to Heechul.

The aim of MAMACITA (AYAYA) is to show the members as ‘real men’, probably the right way to go as they grow older, and refreshing after the concepts of Mr Simple and Sexy, Free and Single. What is manlier than cowboys, guns, drinking, gambling, … sparkly crowns, and hugging watermelons? Okay, maybe MAMACITA isn’t the best example of a ‘real man’, though where Kpop is concerned, it doesn’t do too bad.


With a New Jack Swing style that combines elements of pop, R&B, swing and soul, MAMACITA (AYAYA) certainly leaves Sexy, Free and Single in the dark, their latest release seeming more befitting of the group.
It will be down to your personal preferences, and view on the Super Junior hierarchy as to whether you like the vocal distribution in this track – it seems Military Services really shakes up a group dynamic.
The group do mispronounce Mamacita, though a little mispronounced English won’t kill a track – G Dragon mispronounced Coup D’etat and still held the top of the charts.

Super Junior had already hit 4 million views this morning, and Leeteuk announced if the hits keep rising there are surprises in store for ELF.

Are you hitting replay?


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