For Alternate Listening Tuesday we’re celebrating BrandNew Music with a playlist. Last week BrandNew Music announced their global open auditions. Open to all ages, genders, and nationalities the company is looking for someone who’s own style breaks the expectations of the Kpop style.

BrandNew Music is home to some of South Korea’s best, and most popular alternative artists, and ALT is about to dive in and explore the BrandNew talent.

  1. CEO of BrandNew, Rhymer, is also a rapper
  2. The company is home to the King of Flow and father of modern Korean rap – Verbal Jint
  3. One of the newer additions to the company is former JYP artist, Rap Genius San E
  4. PHANTOM [Kiggen, Sanchez, Hanhae] are a hybrid hiphop group blending hip hop with pop and R&B
  5. In a similar vein TROY are the companies latest big hit, an R&B hip hop quartet [Bumkey, Kanto, Jaewoong, Changwoo]
  6. Leader of TROY, Bumkey currently is one of the hottest R&B acts in Korea
  7. Youngest TROY member Kanto is one of the newest go to rap vocalists for Kpop soloists
  8. Korean American duo As One create beautiful sounding R&B
  9. Miss $ are BNM’s female hip hop trio
  10. P-TYPE is one of the longest serving Korean rappers, known for being one of the first to take up new rhyming styles over a decade ago
  11. The latest BrandNew signing is R&B veteran Taewan, aka C-LUV
  12. BNR or BrandNew Radio is the project group of head producer MasterKey and Huh In Chang
  13. Former X-Teen rapper Huh In Chang also creates music as a solo artist
  14. BIZNIZ, once part of Infinite Flow, is another long serving rapper
  15. Champagne & Candle are BrandNew’s resident rap rookies
  16. Recently departing on good terms with the company is Punch Line King, rapper Swings
  17. Currently on hiatus is R&B rapper SiJin

BONUS TRACKS 18, 19, 20 – Family Project Tracks

  • You Make Me Feel BRAND NEW
    • Verbal Jint, San E, Bumkey, Swings, PHANTOM, Kanto
  • Brand New Anthem
    • Rhymer, P-TYPE, Huh In Chang, BIZNIZ, Swings, Kanto
  • Happy Brand New Year
    • Swings, Verbal Jint, PHANTOM, AS ONE, Bumkey, Miss $, Sijin


For more information re BrandNew’s auditions visit their website here.


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