Summer is officially in full swing! And that, for many, means one thing: festival season. As fans gather in fields and parks in the warm Summer air, chanting along to their favourite acts as they throw together their typical “best of” setlists, some are, sadly, stuck at home. But worry not, as we have the perfect playlist for you, so you can have your own festival from the comfort of your own home. And, even though we can’t cover all bases, if your music taste is a little more geared towards FANXY CHILD than it is Franz Ferdinand, we have a feeling you’ll like it.

Loco ft. GRAY – Summer Go Loco

The key to a good Summer playlist is to start strong, so where better to begin than with Loco’s 2017 hit “Summer Go Loco?” Smooth rap verses accompany the relaxing production throughout, and the easily accessible, catchy chorus makes this quintessential listening during the warmer months.

Zion.T – The Song

On a similar note in terms of catchiness, “The Song” continues the playlist with more of the same calm-but-invigorating style. A tremendous song full of layered vocals, outstanding tone, and warm, piano-led instrumentation, it’s a track that you can’t help but sing along to and get lost in, stamping itself as perfect for the Summer.

Dean ft. Crush, Jeff Bernat – what2do

A song that is certainly western in style, “what2do” partners three tremendously talented vocalists together for a smooth R&B offering. It mightn’t blow you out of the water, but with everyone pulling their weight and proving they can carry a song vocally, nobody will leave disappointed after listening. 

CIFIKA ft. Crush, Woo – now or never

Electro-pop artist CIFIKA has long been underrated amongst both Korean and International audiences. Her idiosyncratic, bold stylings retain an air of accessibility without compromising on experimentation, with the finest example coming from recent single “now or never.” Meticulous and smooth vocals blend perfectly with sleek synths, and the consistency in the mood allow for an excellent showing of talent, as well as a uniformly brilliant sound. 

Jooyoung – Lost

To stay with sonically restrained, almost down-tempo tracks, Starship Entertainment’s Jooyoung provided more brilliance with his 2019 single “Lost.” It mightn’t be tailor-made for Summer with its melancholic strings and dull piano chords, but the immense vocal performance and raw emotion displayed makes for something that can be revisited all year round.

Woo ft. Simon Dominic, Hoody – SS

It’s been a tail of upwards trajectories for Woo Wonjae since his appearance on Show Me The Money. Despite coming in third place, the rising star has since signed to AOMG and is slowly garnering an increasingly positive reputation for making consistently excellent music. “SS,” featuring established names Simon Dominic and Hoody, is a beautiful seasonal track complete with undertones of intensity. Relaxing in its composition but thought-provoking in its lyrical content, it’s a perfect listen for those seeking something with a bit more substance than a typical Summer hit.

Crush ft. Beenzino – Outside

However, if you are in search of the perfect Summer hit to temporarily rid you of your worries, then look no further. Full of charisma, “Outside” is a feel-good number that relies on a catchy, layered hook to bolster the other, fairly simplistic parts of the arrangement. Beenzino does provide a customary brilliant verse, though, proving why he is one of the industry’s most reliable hands.

Jay Park ft. GRAY – DRIVE

Simple melody, tightly-produced electro instrumentation, and a powerful chorus; what’s not to love? It mightn’t be a balls to the wall offering which finds itself knee-deep in a plethora of wacky synths and mind-bending vocals, but it’s “safe,” easygoing, and accessible: perfect for the Summer. It’s easily pinpoint-able as a modern Jay Park track, so if that’s what you clamber for in the hot temperatures, why not add “DRIVE” to your playlist?

Simon Dominic ft. Dynamic Duo, Boston Horns – We Got

If risk-taking is for you, though, Simon Dominic did plenty of that on his 2011 album snl League Begins. Standout track “We Got” is about as good as it gets, thanks to its frantic style courtesy of the bold and daring production, and the addition of Boston Horns’s groove-driven sound. With an anthem-like chorus and relentless energy, this is a party-starting track that deserves numerous spins this Summer.

G.Soul ft. Hoody – Tequila

Dancehall synths and cleverly infused bass make “Tequila” an ideal song for relaxing by a beach with a couple of drinks. There’s plenty of tropical flavour in the production, and the inoffensive, simplistic arrangement allow for both G.Soul and Hoody to firmly forefront their vocal talent. Simple but effective, it’s a nice change of pace from some of the more pace-filled options on this playlist. 

Rad Museum – Dancing In The Rain

Emotional vocals accompany a melancholic guitar melody in “Dancing In The Rain,” a track on Rad Museum’s 2017 album Scene. It’s a candid song, and one that uses metaphors to beautiful effect, as well as offers a heartfelt perspective on love to the listener. It’s easy-listening from a production standpoint, but with its powerful message, becomes enthralling content that is worth a deeper look into.


“BwB,” AKA “Birthday Work Brothers” is the latest release from HAON – winner of High School Rapper 2 and H1GHR MUSIC signee – and encapsulates all the qualities that the young star possesses. Full of joyful energy and a youthful quality that more experienced heads couldn’t really deliver, it’s both refreshing and fun to listen to. It has catchy elements too, and the toe-tapper of a chorus ensures that everyone will come away satisfied from this pop-cum-rap track.

Hoody ft. Crush – Sunshine

Hoody’s honey-like vocals shine through in this star-studded collaboration, and make for a healing song that brims with star quality. Humorous music video aside, this is a simplistic, tightly-worked offering that emphasises both artists’ immense talents perfectly.

Woodie Gochild ft. Hwasa – Cotton Candy

“Cotton Candy” is an infectious, bubbly offering full of tangible energy. Its instrumental chorus has an attractive, easily danceable nature to it, and Hwasa’s verse provides an extra layer that ensures the song remains memorable. It’s great fun, and easy to get lost in if a good time is what you’re looking for.

Zico – Artist

Currently busy operating his own record label, Zico hasn’t released music of his own in some time now. But, fortunately he has plenty of back catalogue to trawl through, with one of the standouts being “Artist.” An upbeat, rap-centred track, it’s a quirky song full of energy and charisma, and one that reminds all that when Zico is on form, he’s one of the most unique, captivating artists in the world.


Continuing with another FANXY CHILD related release, Millic entrusted Zico, Dean, Crush and PENOMECO to lend a hand on “PARADISE,” a sublimely produced, expertly delivered song. The transitions are seamless, and each member of the crew gets to spend some time in the spotlight. It fuses hip-hop and electronics perfectly, thus ensuring that this super-collaboration is one that lands flawlessly. 

PENOMECO ft. Crush – No.5

Named after a romantic fragrance, this ditty is as catchy as it is carefree. PENOMECO and Crush have a scintillating chemistry, making this particular offering one that is executed fantastically. The chorus definitely carries a lot of the song’s quality, but with the verses still keeping to a consistently high standard, “No.5” is a track that definitely delivers.

BewhY ft. Jay Park – Day Day

Show Me The Money is a programme that has served up numerous hits, hidden gems, and just all-around great songs. However, when all is said and done, Bewhy’s “Day Day” has to come close to taking the cake. With its catchy Day Day refrain and overall simple, funky production allowing for the artist’s sublime flow to be firmly forefronted and highlighted, it helps make for a stunning showcase of raw talent. Jay Park’s bridge before the final transition for the final chorus is a musical masterclass, and proof that BewhY’s songs are worthy of the acclaim they get. It might not have the abrasive production or lyrical bite that some of his more recent releases have; but this is a Summer playlist, so why care?

Primary ft. Zion.T, Gaeko – Seethru

Funk-inspired instrumentals provide the perfect base layer for Zion.T’s lounge lizard-esque vocal delivery and Gaeko’s fast-paced rap bars on “Seethru.” Each and every second counts in this particular offering, stamping it as a perfect song to just lay-back and have fun to.

Sik-K, pH-1, Jay Park, HAON, Woodie Gochild – WATER

Every playlist needs a good ending, and there’s no better finish than “WATER.” A showcase of the immense talent signed to H1GHR MUSIC, each artist pulls their weight and more in their respective parts here, (particularly pH-1), making for a captivating song that will easily go down as one of the best releases of the Summer.

So that’s the playlist. Did we miss anything vital? What is on your Summer playlist? Let us know in the comments.


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