Coming back with a new mini album, VIXX steps on stage for our Weekly Idol feature.

Six member group VIXX are under Jellyfish Entertainment and consist of N, Ravi, Leo, Hongbin, Hyuk and Ken, all of whom were contestants on the reality show MyDOL. Ten trainees in Jellyfish went through many activities on the show to be tested on their abilities and to prove whether or not they had potential to be in the forthcoming group VIXX. Trainees were eliminated one by one till only six remained to form the final lineup.

VIXX debuted with Super Hero on M! Countdown in May 2012 and continuously released single albums with songs such as Rock Your Body and On and On. The mini album Hyde was released in May 2013 along with the title track which was the same album name, followed by repackaged edition Jekyll in July that contained a new track G.R.8.U.

November 2013 marked the release of their first full-length album Voodoo with Voodoo Doll as the leading track to help promote their new album and darker concepts, some of which were supernatural like in On and On and Hyde. Voodoo Doll also provided the group’s very first win on a live music show since their debut.

VIXX‘s early 2014 comeback came in the month of May where they released a single album Eternity, which talks about a time fantasy, and the title track of the same name gained them another win on a live music show. Their latest comeback is through another EP following on from hyde, this time titled Error.

Popular songs

Rock Your Body

On And On



Only U

Voodoo Doll

The clean version of the above MV can be seen here.
You can also read our review of the Voodoo album from last year.


Will you cry while watching this MV?

Why I chose VIXX for Weekly Idol

VIXX always blow my mind with their experimental approach to different styles for each comeback. At first I was initially drawn to them when they dived into the darker themes. Hyde was my gateway song as it kept on popping up on the Kpop radio stations I often listened to so when it came to their catchier if not happier songs such as “G.R.8.U” it definitely threw me off guard but I appreciated their different sides to music. They could grab you with their emotional ballads or punchy dance tracks yet also dive into all kinds of concepts that vary from surreal, supernatural to creepy (hello “Voodoo Doll” I am looking at you). From the funky choreography, to the fierce vocals and very Ravi-style rapping, VIXX is a highly recommended group who do not hesitate to take on different challenges with their music.


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