SM Entertainment senior BoA has recently shared photos on her personal Instagram account of time she spent in London while filming the PV for her Japanese song ‘FLY’!

BoA is a heavy-hitter of SM, and since her debut back in 2000, she has held a successful pop career both in her native South Korea and neighbouring Japan. She even represents SM in the talent show series ‘K-Pop Star’ alongside JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment bosses Park Jin Young and Yang Hyun Suk respectively.

Her most recent Japanese PV release is for a song entitled ‘FLY’ and it seems, like a few K-Pop artists before her, London was chosen as the setting for the video!

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Despite keeping her presence in the UK under wraps at the time, she has now shared a few photos she took while she was here.

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You can also watch the short version of the PV for ‘FLY’ below:

What do you think of BoA’s PV and photos?
Are there any other K-Pop artists that you would like to see in the UK?

[Source: BoA’s Instagram (@boakwon)]


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