Bangtan Boys are in today’s “Weekly Idol” Wednesday feature.

A seven member boy group under BigHit Entertainment, BTS / Bangtan Boys aka “Bulletproof Boy Scouts” are leader RapMon which is short for RapMonster, V, J-Hope, Jimin, Suga, Jin and the Maknae Jung Kook. Their fanclub name is A.R.M.Y aka “Adorable Representative MC For Youth.”

BTS debuted in June 2013 with the track No More Dream, followed by “We Are Bulletproof Pt 2” and released their first EP later on, titled “O!RUL8,2? (Oh! Are You Late Too?)”. Their rising popularity helped them win awards for “New Arist Of The Year” at many events such as MelOn Music Awards and Golden Disk Awards.

After the success of “O!RUL8,2? (Oh! Are You Late Too?)”, BTS released “Skool Luv Affair” as their new album to kick off 2014 activities, followed by a special repackaged edition with extra tracks in May 2014. The spring months were also a period when BTS were promoting in Japan for the first time, releasing Japanese versions of their hit songs such as “No More Dream” and “Boy In Luv.”

Returning back to Korea, the group made a comeback in August 2014 in the form of their first full-length album “Dark and Wild” with “Danger” as their leading single and “Hormone War/War of Hormone” as their newest Korean single to promote “Dark + Wild.” BTS will also be releasing a Japanese single for “Danger” in November.

Popular Songs

Dance version of No More Dream

We Are Bulletproof pt 2
The song that pulled me into A.R.M.Y territory.


Boy In Luv
Our song review can be found here

Just One Day
Song review here.

We did a quick song review of this here. Also recommend checking out the “Appeal” dance version of the song [ link ]

Hormone War
With a song name like this, you may have a rough idea on how the lyrics will sound. However this doesn’t detract the MV’s fun choreography and red/greyscale colour combination. Links to some behind the scenes clips can be found in this post. How about an outdoors dance practice video ?

A cover of Taeyang‘s I Need A Girl on Kiss The Radio

Examples of more adorable VIP fanboying include singing and dancing to Fantastic Baby and Sunset Glow (link), as well as Taeyang ‘s Eyes, Nose, Lips.

Why I chose BTS for Weekly Idol

This is another group that took me a while to take notice of. “No More Dream” did not pull me in straight away but it was only when I watched their BIGBANG covers and their Boy In Luv MV out of curiosity I thought I’d give them a try. The funky beat of “We Are Bulletproof pt 2” sold me and I eventually understood why people became A.R.M.Ys. “Just One Day” really surprised me because I never thought BTS would be able to pull off the sweet, romantic male character as I had gotten used to their hip-hop image. But there’s also the track Beautiful which is sung by Jung Kook, V , J-Hope and Jimin.

I find the slower songs present the vocalists more vividly and they can show they don’t just rap fiercely. They can slow it down if they wanted to. Another possible appeal in BTS are the song’s themes. They talk about school pressures, girls and they’ll go on about how tough they are. A.R.M.Ys in the same age range or slightly younger may perhaps relate to these things.


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