Avid shoppers, you might be interested to know that supermarket H-Mart UK have a very exciting event taking place near the end of October.

Recently on their Facebook page, H-Mart announced that they will be opening a brand new Kpop shop inside their store and if that doesn’t get any better, they’ve even started a partnership with big name beauty companies Etude House and Nature Republic which is definitely a plus if you are fan of Korean beauty products.

These new additions to the store will give you an opportunity to feast your eyes on a lot more Kpop and Hallyu goodies than before. Expect plenty of new CDs on offer but also more merchandise (all of which are official goods purchased from the entertainment companies themselves). You can also take a closer look at Etude House and Nature Republic products, especially if you want to see how some of the items look in its physical appearance after researching them on websites.

The new Kpop shop and beauty range will be ready for shoppers from Saturday 25 October. To make this opening event worthwhile, you can also try free sampling of the Nature Republic or Etude House products but only on this special day so don’t miss out and pop in to H-Mart on 25th October if you can. Happy shopping everyone!!


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