For this weeks ‘Friday Foods’ we check out 10 different ways you can enjoy your kimchi!

1) Rice – One of the most popular ways to eat kimchi is probably with rice! You can either enjoy it with simple boiled rice, or you can make kimchi fried rice. To make kimchi fried rice simply fry the rice and kimchi together, adding in other ingredients such as mushrooms, spring onions, potatoes and peppers.

2) Soups – You can enjoy a side of kimchi with your soup, or you can add the kimchi into it!

3) Stews – Again, you can enjoy your stew with a side of kimchi, or you can add kimchi into it to spice it up a bit more.


4) Egg – If you enjoy eating different types of eggs, next time, add some kimchi into your omelette whilst frying.

5) Pasta – The next time you’re making pasta, add some kimchi into your pasta sauce.

6) Pizza – If you’re feeling adventurous, sprinkle some kimchi and cheese onto your pizza then grill until melted and crispy.

7) Hot dogs – Replace your mustard/ketchup with some kimchi!

8) Burgers – Instead of salad, add kimchi to your burgers.

9) Cheese toastie – Add kimchi and cheese onto a piece of bread and grill until golden brown.

10) Noodles – Add kimchi into your noodles, or simply enjoy it with your noodles as a side.


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