Seven Irish girls, who come together to form ‘GGC Crew’ – a hip hop dance group – have performed and won the grand prize at the K-Pop World Festival 2014!

The K-Pop World festival is an annual event  held in Changwon, South Korea. It encourages Hallyu fans from all over the world to come to South Korea and share their own cultures.

“In an effort to make the event one where Korean culture comes together with cultures of participants, those who reinterpret or rearrange K-Pop by fusing it with their traditional music or instrument sounds, will be given extra points.”

– South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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‘GGC Crew’ are made up of Lisa Craddock, Jennifer Purdy, Niamh Carroll, Ali Flood, Kellie Murnaghan, Jessie McGovern and Sally-Anne Burke. The girls are all in their late teens and twenties. The group was required to pass through several rounds in Dublin before getting to travel to South Korea for the final – representing Ireland.

The grand prize of €10,000 was awarded to the girls for their victory.

You can watch their awesome performance below!

This shows that your K-Pop passion can take you just about anywhere!

What do you think of their performance?


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