This week’s fanbase is sibling duo, Akdong Musician’s first international fanbase – AKMU NEWS!

The team at AKMU NEWS work hard to keep fans updated with the sibling’s updates – including news related to Hi Suhyun. They update through their Tumblr and Twitter with translations, photos, videos, schedule updates and more.

Additionally, AKMU NEWS are working on a message book to congratulate the duo’s 100th day since debut, they’re currently taking submissions of written messages (no more than 250 words) and original fan art! More details can be found here. If you want to help out but don’t know what to send, you can donate to AKMU NEWS to help pay for the message book.

Lastly, AKMU NEWS are looking for dedicated Akdong Musician fans to help them run the site, along with some Korean – English translators. If you’re interested, send a message on Tumblr, or drop an email off at


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