Welcome back to a very special Fun Story! Last Saturday wedding bells were ringing for a particular Super Junior member and his bride.

It seems that the Super junior member is the first member in the group and SM Entertainment to tie the knot and Saturday 13th December was the celebration of the 28 year old Lee Sungmin and 29 year old musical actress Kim Saeun’s marriage.

The wedding took place at The Raum in Yeoksamdong, Seoul at 6 pm where around 600 guests attended the private ceremony including of course all Super Junior members, F(x), Tiny G‘s Dohee, Kangta, Hong Kyungmin and Hong Rokgi.

The members even shared many photos of themselves in tuxedos to their respective Instagrams while sending congratulatory messages to their fellow member and his beautiful bride.

The ceremony began with a video created and edited by Shindong for the couple as a gift to them while various ceremonial events occurred thereafter. Yoo Jangsang hosted the wedding ceremony and asked Sungmin how he was feeling on the day to which he replied loudly “I’m happy”.

Soon after as the couple took each other’s hands, musical actor Brad Little announced their first celebratory song “This is the moment”. Soon after they addressed their vows reading “We will express our love to each other, and always love each other” and “I’ll trust and respect my husband in any circumstances”.

Main celebratory songs were sung to the couple performed by Musical actors Lee Gunmyung and Seo Jiyoung to which lastly Ryeowook sung the last one, commenting lightheartedly “It is a burden to sing a celebratory song after three musical actors have done the stage. I hope you have a great life and not make a family jar” and sang a beautiful ballad. During the final moments of the song however Sungmin took over the song surprising the teary bride while Sungmin romantically went down on his knees and offered a flower bouquet to her.

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A fun moment also occured when Yoo Joonsang asked Sungmin lightheartedly “To apologise for getting married so early, why don’t you dance Sorry Sorry without the background music?” to which Sungmin of course did.

The couple then showed off their wonderful musical talent together by serenading each other with a duet from the musical. As Sungmin and Saeun met through the musical ‘The Three Musketeers” and played love interests it seems like it was a wonderful way to truly celebrate how the two fell in love.

Their wedding day was even widely supported by fans all over the world even managing to trend their marriage on Twitter!

Congratulations to the happy couple it appears like it was a magical evening for them both! The newlyweds have left for their honeymoon to The Maldives and are looking to set up their new home in Songpa where Saeun was raised.



The couple returned from their honeymoon just yesterday with huge smiles on their faces. We hope their married life will be filled with love and happiness.


Do you think it was a beautiful wedding?

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