Welcome back to this week’s Fun Story! This week we bring you exciting news in Tumblr’s ‘Year in Review’!

Of course, it is apparent social media is one of the biggest causes of the growing interest in K-Pop and Korean culture, Tumblr is one of the many social networking account which many own. Fan culture is particularly a growing element of many adolescent and adult’s lives if into a certain fandom, wanting to explore and discover new things or simply being interested in something a person likes or admires may it be television, film, novels, music, comedy, horror and many, many more.

‘Year in Review’ are a blog who have compiled a Top 20 list of all these genres and it would seem K-Pop has not only made it into the list of ‘Most Reblogged Music Genres of the Year’ but ranked third place!


If that wasn’t exciting enough, it would also seem that F(x)’s Red Light gained a lot of attention this year on Tumblr ranking twentieth place on the ‘Most Reblogged Songs of the Year’.


With its unique concept contrasting with the ladies’ previous bubbly concepts, the girls have gone for a captivating dark theme this year which has in effect has grasped the attention of many in this year’s string of comebacks!

Check out the music video here if you haven’t seen it yet!


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