UK magazine Dazed has caught up with YG‘s Masta Wu and iKon‘s Bobby to talk about the release of their collaboration single, Come Here.

YG has recently announced the release of two hip hop projects, the first being GD and Taeyang‘s Good Boy, and the second being a comeback from Masta Wu featuring Bobby and Illionaire‘s Dok2 with a remix of his song Come Here. Prior to the release of the song, Dazed managed to get an interview with rappers Bobby and Masta Wu.

The article describes the song as “bold”, “surprising” and “firey”, leaving UK audiences with a good impression of Korean hip-hop, one reader even commenting with “Who knew koreans had swag…“. The song itself isn’t “typical” k-pop which means there’s more of a chance that the UK audience will take a liking to it.


It then moves on to the interview, where Masta Wu reveals why he chose these rappers to collaborate with, Bobby’s thoughts on working with seniors and a teaser at the end telling fans to “look out for more music” from Masta Wu.

What do you think of k-pop getting attention in UK media? 

Read the full interview here!



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