Not content with their girl group success in Secret and hip-hop duo Untouchable, TS Entertainment has created an epic mash-up of the two in their new girl group, Sonamoo. The group name means ‘pine tree’ in Korean, and was chosen as the girls will be ‘creating music as full of life as a pine tree.’

There’s nothing green-looking about these gals though. They are: Sumin (leader), Nahyun, Euijin, D.ana (rapper), High.D, Minjae and Newsun (maknae).

The title track of their debut mini album Deja Vu is hip-hop inspired, and rocks out with a classic booty pop dance move. Netizens have been abuzz since the MV landed, pointing out its close styling similarities to MVs by former labelmates B.A.P. But the girls themselves claim their role models are actually a different gang of lads – YG’s BIGBANG. Sumin said at their debut roadshow last month: “We want to be loved all around the world just like BIGBANG.” Big ambitions for these rookie gals, but they’re already off to a great start in 2015.

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Check out their debut song Deja Vu here.


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