Yesterday, a video was released on YouTube of EXO‘s Kai in London. The video is titled “Pathcode #KAI“, hinting at a comeback from the group.

The video, which was shot in London, seems to be influenced by Sherlock as it consists of grainy footage of Kai being followed by the viewer before vanishing. It features some of London’s top landmarks including the London Eye, London Bridge, Trafalgar Square and more. We think this was filmed when Kai visited London back in January for a reality show.

Earlier today, another video was released. This time is was of Tao stopping time in Barcelona. Both videos are full of hints and clues for the fans to figure out before their comeback on March 30th.

Along with these teasers, a special Twitter account (@pathcodeexo) and website has been made in honour of their comeback.

Have you cracked the code? Check out the videos below and let us know what you think!


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