The song that’s been making waves lately – Ice Cream Cake

The song
I think Ice Cream Cake brought out the collective power of Red Velvet’s singing capabilities. The chorus in particular was very well sung and as a result stuck in my head! The singing was less wordy (like in ‘Happiness’)and flowed better in this track. The ‘lalala’s’ sounded ever so slightly creepy at times, however.
The song equates the love of their man to something that is sweet and enjoyable – a.k.a ice cream and cake. They also take the opportunity to tease in this song too (‘Come and taste me’).
The song was sweetly sung and makes me think that this girl group can only get better!

The video
Firstly, the first thought that crossed my mind was the fact that everything seemed more matured and developed compared to ‘Happiness’. While the ‘Happiness’ video was an explosion of color and creativity, ‘Ice Cream Cake’, despite the seemingly childish title, offered a more mellow and grown-up vibe. The blonde hair made the members look almost unrecognizable – I thought at some angles they looked completely different.
The video could be best described as an eclectic mix of different styles but as if covered by a mellow tone blanket.


The dances didn’t take center stage in the video – but they were quite representative of what the song was about. Cue the ‘lip-touch’ movement and plenty of hip shakes – the dance accentuated the song and managed to retain originality.

It’s completely different to what Red Velvet have done in the past – they’ve reinvented themselves completely and it’s a very good change. I can’t really put it into words!


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