The ninth annual Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival begins tomorrow, 28th April, running until 18th May. There are a whole host of exiting events lined up for the festival, and one that may be of particular interest to UnitedKpop readers.

On Wednesday 13th May the Literature Festival plays host to one of South Korea’s most eminent authors, Hwang Sok-Yong, to speak about his life and work.

Here’s what Asia House has to say about the event:

‘Come and hear one of South Korea’s most eminent authors, Hwang Sok-yong, speak about his life and work with award-winning cultural journalist and critic Maya Jaggi.

Hwang Sok-yong was born in 1943 in Manchuria. A reluctant soldier during the Vietnam War tasked with eliminating evidence of massacres, he became a human rights activist and was sentenced to seven years imprisonment in his native South Korea after making an unauthorised trip to the North to promote exchange between artists. He started actively publishing his writing in the 1970s and has authored over a dozen novels, which have been translated into many different languages. His name is mentioned regularly as a possible contender for the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Hwang will discuss his most recent novel Princess Bari (Periscope 2015), which tells of a young woman’s harrowing trajectory from North Korea to Britain, using elements borrowed from Korean legend. This event will fascinate anyone interested in human stories arising from conflict.’

Asia House have kindly offered UnitedKpop readers £2.00 off tickets to Hwang’s event, all you have to do is enter the code KLIT when you purchase your tickets.

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For more information and to book tickets visit the Asia House website here.


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