Welcome back to this week’s fun story! This week features one of K-Pop’s most highly anticipated groups to come back this year and their song in Pitch Perfect 2?

It seems like Big Bang are surfing the hallyu wave to a cinema near you where the trailer for Pitch Perfect 2, the quirky movie all about the all female acapella group battling it out with other groups alike. Being the sequel to the first movie Pitch Perfect succeeding in becoming the second highest grossing music comedy film of all time after School of Rock, it is not surprising the highly anticipated sequel to the movie gained popular attention.

However it particularly drew attention to shocked fans who managed to catch Big Bang‘s Fantastic Baby playing in the background of the trailer!

Though, it is unsure whether the song will be a part of the movie or soundtrack itself, with Pitch Perfect being known to have featured popular songs at the time, a lengthy part of the song finely ends the trailer with its memorable beat played to the lively atmosphere of the trailer as well as the title of the movie and credits.

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While most would expect simply the dance beat to be heard or the simple ‘wow, fantastic baby’ lyric to simply be sung due to of the song’s chorus being sung in English along with the simple electronic club beat, much of the Korean verse is actually heard as well!

Check out the trailer below with Fantastic Baby being played around the 1:46 mark.


Big Bang are currently in the midst of preparing for their upcoming album ‘MADE’ as well as their tour following the same name as the highly anticipated album, being set to have their comeback on 1st May. Big Bang are also rumored to be visiting the UK again soon following their last visit in 2012 for their Alive World Tour, be sure to stay tuned for updates and we’ll keep you posted.


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